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Difference Between the Top Three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

When I first heard someone say, “I tweeted”, I thought they were talking about a bodily function of Tweety Bird. However, the age of social media has introduced several new vocabulary words as well as created a trend that has swept the nation. Social media and social networking is the exchange of information, ideas, multimedia, and everything else via a virtual network. In the world of social networking and social media there are several different sites or social mediators. However, none of them have the size and the notoriety of the Big 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While they all share the same notion of connecting people and keeping them in touch, they do have differences.

Facebook is the social media giant and has many uses. Facebook was originally a computer website that has grown to include mobile access as well. Facebook uses its interface to connect individuals by each user creating a profile that is shared in the Facebook community. With many privacy settings, the user can mandate who sees what. On Facebook each user creates a friend network. Within that network “friends” share pictures, music, thoughts, and ideas through their page. Facebook is constantly growing to find new uses and applications. On the other hand, Twitter is primarily a mobile phone application. Twitter uses the same premise as a friend network, however in Twitter world you must “follow” users. When you “follow” a user you recieve updates in the form of pictures and ideas that are sent from the user.

Instagram is the most different from the two. Instagram started out as a photojournalism social media website. Users upload pictures from their mobile phone or through other devices and the pictures are share with other users. The pictures are shared with other individuals in the user’s network. All three have the same premise; Communication with friends and family members through a non intrusive method. Social networking has created an entire new market. It has also practially affected every aspect of lives. Now people who are continents away can simply tweet or send a message to a friend thousands of miles away. Simply put, social network has connected us all.